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The 14 Best Remote Work Podcasts

Remote work encompasses a new era in the business world of job flexibility, autonomy, and personal growth. Telecommuters have more independence when it comes to balancing their work day and projects, making every remote worker their own boss in some way. Learn to manage your reaction to stress at the workplace and remote work podcasts ways to tackle it with The Daily Meditation podcast. With guided meditation techniques, you can learn about various emotions, and coping methods, and begin your journey towards a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. In our increasingly connected world, a company’s workforce can stretch across international borders.

Some workers also are quitting their current jobs for positions that offers fully remote options. In the long-term, firms offering such flexibility will likely expand employment and entrepreneurial prospects. Black Tech Unplugged, hosted by Deena McKay, dives into the inspiring stories, challenges, and valuable resources you need to thrive in the tech world. This monthly podcast highlights Black voices in tech, featuring their successes, failures, and the essential skills they’ve honed. Beyond personal journeys, Black Tech Unplugged also spotlights career opportunities and national tech events.

Building Remote Teams

These nuggets of wisdom will restore some of your faith in humanity (including your own humanity) and will give you insights on working (like the episode below) and living better. Join Pilar Orti, guests & co-hosts as they shine the spotlight on the most relevant themes and news relevant to the modern knowledge worker. Straightforward advice and tips from a nomad who is living the life she is discussing on the pod. Dear HBR is a podcast produced by the Harvard Business Review editors to solve questions about dealing with complications in contemporary workplaces. A clinical researcher, professor, and author from Kansas, USA, Dr Steve Ilardi has helped millions of people all over the world overcome long-term mental health issues. Hew James, a writer, and podcaster from Belfast, Northern Ireland, has spent the last 15 years working on his recovery from addiction and depression.

You’ll learn how to make work just another enjoyable component of a happy life. Lynn has conducted interviews with sailors who work from their yachts and others who switch countries every month. You’ll learn which platforms to use, which strategies to implement, and which are the best remote-friendly jobs.

Remotely One – A remote work podcast

You can listen to their inspiring stories and learn about various initiatives and resources in the tech industry. The weekly themes are based on different emotions and meditation techniques to manage stress triggers. Some examples are Self-discovery, Healing Emotional Pain, The Art of Non-judgement, etc. They discuss tips, applications, software, tools, management concepts, and more to help be more productive and fulfilled in remote work life. Remote work offers many benefits, but the lack of community – compared to in-person environments – can cause some workers to feel isolated and lonely. These feelings can impact job performance, sometimes significantly.

If you’re looking for something a little different, try the Offbeat Life podcast. Born on a Filipino island but raised in New York City, host Debbie has a fascinating and unique perspective. After discovering her passion for photojournalism, she began a digital nomad life that she’s keen to share. Hosted by Jacob Morgan, The Future of Work looks at changing trends in how people earn a living. Top CEOs and executives offer their advice on future-proofing your life and career. During this podcast episode, Nola gives powerful insights into what it truly means to work in a hybrid environment and why companies should consider it.

The 14 Best Remote Work Podcasts

Determined to simultaneously work and travel, Sami has been working remotely since 2015. She has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of this world but wouldn’t change her experiences for anything. She’s thrilled to see companies offering more remote and hybrid roles and supports anyone who chooses to make the change. Topics and discussions include the future of work, managing remote work, work transitioning, as well as experts and professionals in HR, coaching, psychology, and more.

Companies, especially within the tech sector, that once prided themselves on sprawling campuses found in 2020 that their workforces were just as productive Zooming in from home. The resulting shift to remote work seemed to herald a new era of work-life balance and operational flexibility. Additionally, the podcast features a diverse range of guests, from comedians and musicians to CEOs and Olympic athletes, enriching the perspectives and insights offered. A highly recommended episode is “The Real Reason You Procrastinate” (with Margaret Atwood). This episode delves into science-backed strategies to avoid procrastination.

The 8 Best Podcasts To Listen to While You’re Working From Home

It’s good when you seek alternatives and inspiration while working remotely. Searches on Google for “podcasts for work” have increased by 90% since the beginning of March 2020. Almost 61% of podcast listeners claim to spend more time listening to podcasts than watching television. Episodes include how to recruit the best talent from around the world, transitioning to a 100% remote team, raising capital, and minimizing risks when hiring across borders.

Brought to you by Virtual not Distant, the 21st Century Work Life podcast looks at leading and managing remote teams, online collaboration and working in distributed organisations. With Maren Kate as the host of the podcast Talent + Tech, hear the open dialogue of entrepreneurs, investors, and talent professionals. Learn about the newest developments in startup culture, hiring, managing a remote tech staff, growth strategy, and more. Consider making a change in your working style by tuning into one of the top https://remotemode.net/.

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